Dr Brian Chinsamy

Dr Brian Chinsamy. Brian is a social activist and has a history of involvement in the civic, educational and political struggles leading up to the new political dispensation in South Africa. In 1994 faced with the choice of entering formal politics in the new government or continuing with education, Brian chose educational research.

His work experience includes public, para-statal and corporate business in the financial industry and covers a wide range of disciplines including learning, leadership development, talent strategy and management, succession planning, performance consulting, mentoring and coaching. He has also worked extensively in a number of African countries with senior leadership teams. Brian was involved with the writing of the South Africa Schools Act (SASA) as well as in researching school and district improvement in South Africa. As part of the board of the Mathew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance (MGSLG), he helped shape leadership and management programs for school and district leaders. He is an accredited professional coach.


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