Learning Journey

As soon as you engage with IDM, you become part of a community that will support you throughout the course of your learning journey.  But first: what is a learning journey?  For IDM, it’s an educational process that is designed around the critical issues you’re facing now and will face in future.

IDM’s process draws on intellectual and experiential mechanisms to deliver impactful learning and offers you the opportunity to network with a broad range of leaders and thinkers.  It gives you the support you will need to translate learning into performance; and helps you to contribute to the success of organisations, industries and regions.

Your learning journey will incorporate these elements

Personal Diagnostic
IDM will work with you to identify and diagnose the critical issues inherent in your career and, based on these, design the most effective learning process for you.

Personal Coaching
We will provide you with a coach who will help you to apply learning when you return to the workplace.

Classroom Learning
Our residential modular programs are an integral element of all learning journeys.

Experiential Learning
Each learning journey includes experiential learning, to enable you to understand how people lead or manage their organisations, often in very different circumstances. This will challenge your thinking and help you catalyse new ideas and approaches.

Learning only works when it is practised and applied. An essential element of your learning journey is experimenting in the workplace – testing different ways of leading the business, managing people and outcomes and delivering results.