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What would happen in Africa if the full talents of her people were unleashed? How would the future look then? How rapidly would the people, businesses and communities of Africa rise? And how would they make themselves felt on the world stage?

Africa has an exciting future. But access to the right skills and capabilities is key to achieving that future.

We have a deep belief in human potential and we are passionate about helping our clients achieve more with their people. Bridging the skills gap in Africa is a critical challenge that must be overcome if the region is to flourish. IDM is an institution that is dedicated to this goal.

Our experience covers multiple industries and disciplines and now extends to 13 countries across Africa (including all it’s major markets), as well as India, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

What We Do

Our approach is to partner with leaders, individuals and teams to help them make the behavioural shifts that drive business performance.


Where new skills or behaviours are needed we bring innovative learning that is practical and locally relevant. Learning that works is learning that is in context and that puts the needs and preferences of your people at the heart of delivery.


Where a business challenge extends to wider organisational issues we help our clients understand root cause and create powerful people related solutions to unlock performance.


We work across some of the most culturally diverse markets in the world. To help us understand this context we conduct regular research into the talent and leadership related questions that we encounter.

Playing an active role in unlocking the potential of the region is extremely important to us, both in terms of our vision for IDM as an institution as well as for the IDM faculty as individuals. To fulfil on our core values in this respect we support the development of leadership skills in young adults and entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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