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According to many analysts, over the next three decades, 15-20 million young people are expected to join the African workforce every year. This increase in Africa’s working age population creates a window of opportunity which, if properly harnessed, can be used to create the new social and economic ecosystems to support inclusive growth and unleash a huge demographic dividend.

The IDM Foundation* supports young people who are out of school and not in further education, training or employment, in developing the skills they need to step fully into their own authority and fulfil their potential in their own communities and businesses. We see a generation of young leaders uplifting themselves and those around them to become powerful agents of economic and social change.

We believe in train-the-trainer and peer facilitation, which enables and equips youth and amplifies the influence that they can have on their peers; enabling them, who best understand their circumstances to be the drivers and leaders of change. The curriculum includes emotional intelligence, interpersonal and influencing skills, digital and creative skills, critical thinking, business acumen and entrepreneurship. Some of the core skills required to work and collaborate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We intend to reach in excess of 1000 young people in 2019, giving them the skills required to thrive and prosper in a volatile and intimidating world.

*The IDM Foundation is a South African not-for-profit organisation with a mandate to increase the access to learning for disadvantaged young adults. The foundation is independent of IDM Ltd and is independently audited. The board members charged with leading the foundation include Rosie Chirongoma, Manoko Ratala and Anjani Harjeven.

Completely free to the student, IDM Foundation provides a foundational leadership program for young adults from under-privileged backgrounds. The program is 3 modules of 3 days and is delivered locally around the region. Our faculty are passionate about helping young people across the region to develop their skills and unlock their full potential. We design and run these programs both to make a contribution to the development of the region and to fulfil on our passion and values as individuals and as a team. If you would like to learn more or want to get involved then we are keen to hear from you.

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All young adults need help to fulfil their potential. This is especially true of those that have not had access to effective social or educational support. If you would like to work with a young adult from the FLP and help them clarify their career goals and shape the practical steps they could take to achieve a successful future, please get in touch.

To speak with us about mentoring:

Many organisations are playing an ever more active role in supporting skills and capability development in communities around the region. If you have ideas on the sorts of initiatives that could make a difference and the passion to get involved to bring your ideas to life, then please get in touch. We’d be excited to partner with you.

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