The IDM Community

The IDM community is strong network of partners, academic and administrative faculty, leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs – all of whom share the goal of using learning to unlock economic potential in Sub-Saharan Africa. It comprises of the IDM Faculty, the IDM Board of Directors and the IDM Advisory Group.


IDM has recruited a diverse range of regional and international Faculty, drawn from academic, pubic and private sectors. IDM is built on a Visiting Faculty model, meaning we design the Faculty Team around the requirements of the learning. This enables us to deliver world-class and affordable leadership, management and professional education.

Board of Directors

IDM has an international Board of Directors comprising high-profile representatives from the academic, private and public sector. Its Board Members have been carefully recruited to provide extensive experience of start-up, development and growth organisations in fast-growing economies. Each Director brings a different set of skills, capabilities and experience to IDM, delivering balanced and professional guidance.


IDM has recruited an extensive Advisory Group, drawn from international academics and private/public sector leaders. Each of the eminent Advisory Group Members brings something different to IDM, assisting the institution in achieving its vision and providing invaluable counsel and support to the Board and Directors.