IDM offers three key areas of service: learning (Programs and Schools), advice and research. So, what are you looking for?


Our teams of expert advisers work across our clients' organisations to help them to overcome their challenges. Along the way, we offer practical advice from people who understand the complexity, opportunities, risks and diversity of the region.

IDM provides consulting and advisory services in the top people-related challenges faced by our clients, including:

  • Strategic human resource development
  • Change management
  • Talent development
  • Learning process design
  • Program direction
  • Organisational learning diagnostics
  • Assessment services
  • Organisational development


To deliver effective learning, IDM conducts primary research into the issues that CEOs and HR Directors rank as their top barriers to individual, team and organisational performance. These issues, and the challenges people face in their day-to-day lives, are catalysts for building performance and provoking change.

Current spheres of IDM research include:

  • How best to support and develop under-equipped leaders
  • How to overcome a deficit in local capabilities
  • How best to equip the execution layer to deliver
  • How to overcome the talent deficit
  • How to build an effective coaching culture in your organisation

IDM conducts regular business round-tables and seminars on these topics and related issues, so if you would like relevant information, or to be involved in dialogue and debate with your industry peers, please send us an e-mail.

If you have an idea for a research topic and would like to collaborate with IDM in investigating a new issue, please e-mail us an outline of your thoughts.