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IDM uses a tested change approach and toolkit that helps our clients navigate complex organisational transformations. Our approach provides a clear roadmap that gets your leaders and people involved and describes the practical steps to achieving the results you want.  We work closely with your practitioners to build their change leadership skills and help them architect an approach that meets the needs of all those impacted by the transformation.

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Our approach to building people capability in the organisation is based on a detailed understanding of your strategy and the careful design of learning and career pathways that excite and engage your people and drive the capabilities that your organisation needs to succeed.

Convention dictates that access to top talent is a vital factor in sustained success. But a traditional approach to talent management (based on the perception of talent scarcity and a disproportionate investment in the few) misses a huge opportunity. Africa doesn’t lack talent – in fact there is a huge and growing pool of remarkable individuals on the continent. But what is missing in the organisation is the intention and architecture to bring on capable individuals at scale and then unleash their potential, at scale.

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Underperforming senior teams can rapidly destroy value in your business. Sustained success demands that senior leaders perform at a high level, both as individuals and as a team. Our work with you starts with diagnosing the issues within a senior team and then working with the team to strengthen their team and inter-personal dynamics.

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Culture is a critical enabler to strategy. Our approach to culture change – whether for an individual team, for a department or at the level of the organisation – is to start with a clear understanding of your strategic goals. We then help you define or clarify the key customer experiences that drive these goals and the specific employee behaviours that determine how customers experience your product or service. This allows us to focus on those behaviours within your organisation that are disproportionately important to performance and that need to be brought to life within your culture.

To speak with us about helping solve business challenge:

In order to deliver learning that is locally relevant IDM conducts research into the issues that business leaders rank as their top barriers to individual, team and organisational performance.

Current spheres of IDM research include:

  • How best to accelerate the development of local talent in fast growing African markets?
  • How to build an effective coaching culture in organisations?
  • What role can corporates best play to accelerate skills growth in Africa?

IDM conducts regular business round-tables and seminars on these topics and related issues. If you would like to commission some research, or be involved in dialogue and debate with your industry peers, please get in touch.


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