What’s IDM?

IDM is a new African business school, designed to help shape the next generation of leaders by equipping them to unlock the region’s enormous economic potential.

Why a business school for African leaders? Simply because all forecasts indicate an exciting future for the fast-growing economies of Sub-Saharan Africa. But the one obstacle to growth is local talent – specifically leadership, management, professional and entrepreneurial talent. And IDM responds to this significant challenge.

Our motivation

IDM believes that learning can transform the way organisations, industries, countries and individuals take to the global stage, compete, grow and perform.

Alongside that, IDM believes in the potential of people – namely that, with the appropriate ideas, learning, support and motivation, people can do anything.

From this starting point, we intend to help shape the future generation of leaders, managers, business professionals and entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

IDM’s methodology

IDM delivers world-class learning designed to meet the specific challenges and opportunities facing organisations, communities and individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa – specifically, in fast-growing and high-potential markets.

Our goal? To develop leadership talent in these exciting evolving markets, by creating a network of public and private sector leaders, achievers, thinkers and influencers who are dedicated to the region’s success.

IDM’s vision

IDM’s vision is to partner with governments, institutions, companies and communities to nurture and shape the next generation of leaders, managers and professionals.

IDM’s approach

IDM’s approach to learning has its roots in a mix of several key principles:

  1. Individual learning: on intellectual, emotional and physical levels
  2. Partnerships
  3. The context of the organisation, the industry and the individual
  4. Innovation
  5. Space
  6. The community of learning and a community approach to learning
  7. Support, via a network of leaders, managers and professionals

The individual

IDM believes that learning must impact on three levels: intellectual, emotional and physical. In this way, responsible learning provides new ideas and ways of leading, managing and doing business (the intellectual); the motivation to adopt these new approaches (emotional); and the necessary personal preparation to ensure the individual can actually adopt these new approaches in the real world (physical).


IDM partners with regional and international organisations that are engaged in or want to be engaged in the future success of fast-growing economies. We build relationships with people and organisations that share our values and the vision of responsible, sustainable and independent futures for growth markets.


Learning is only relevant and effective when it is related to the real challenges and opportunities that face each individual. For this reason, IDM learning is always designed around the critical issues that confront the industry, the organisation and the individual – in the context of the regional markets in which they operate.


IDM’s learning environment offers leaders and professionals the time and space to think – free of noise and distraction – about themselves, their roles and their futures.


IDM designs innovative, pragmatic face-to-face and virtual learning that delivers relevance at organisational, community and individual levels. Our learning draws on methodologies that combine experiential and classroom-based learning.


In the Business School context, leaders and professionals learn as much from each other as they do from the professor or tutor. IDM’s facilities are designed to encourage this community-based approach to learning; to provide a place where leaders can meet; where professionals can research their industries and niches; and where entrepreneurs can build ideas and find genuine support for their ventures.


The IDM Network of Leaders, Managers, Professionals & Entrepreneurs is a virtual web of thinkers and influencers from across Africa’s growing markets. IDM provides a supportive virtual and face-to-face environment in which our community can meet, network, collaborate, exchange ideas and understand new approaches.