Helping to shape the next generation of leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa

IDM is building a world-class African Business School, designed to support the next generation of Africans who will be responsible for the continent’s future. The Business School is led and delivered by Africans for Africans. We are achieving this through:

  • designing a practical mix of world-class but affordable learning around the critical regional challenges and opportunities, enabling access to leadership, management, professional and entrepreneurial education
  • delivering a range of innovative partnerships with Governments and international organisations, aligned around the common goal of unlocking and driving Africa’s economic potential
  • investing in world-class learning facilities, creating a physical community of learning in three regional Sub Saharan African locations
  • drawing on latest technology to provide innovative and appropriate learning on-the-ground

IDM & Sub Saharan Africa

Sub Saharan Africa is an exciting environment with tremendous economic potential, based upon rapidly emerging professional classes, increasingly educated populations, an abundance of commodities and uncultivated agricultural land. Economists and political commentators agree that Africa as a continent will soon rival existing fast growing economies.

In the same breath these commentators argue that the key challenge Africa has to maximising its potential is the supply of leadership, management, professional and entrepreneurial capabilities.  The development of local and regional talent is the key strategic challenge for the region.

IDM in Africa has been established to respond to these specific opportunities and challenges.