World-class learning, a visiting community of top international and regional faculty, sector-specific schools, practical research & advice, and 21st-century methodologies.

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IDM is the new African business school designed to shape the next generation of African leaders as they unlock the region’s enormous economic potential.

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About IDM

At the Botswana Innovation Hub, near to Gaborone’s International Airport, we deliver first-rate learning, facilities and methodologies.

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The Botswana Innovation Hub

Find out what’s being said, done, published, discovered, achieved and built at IDM.

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Find out about our teaching and training facilities, campus design, virtual learning opportunities and public / private partnerships.

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Explore IDM

We believe that, with the appropriate ideas, learning, support and motivation, people can do anything. Find out how IDM can guide you on your learning journey.

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Your Learning Journey

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Are you looking for organisational, industry / sector-specific or individual learning? Explore what’s on offer at IDM.

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IDM Schools

Meet our academic and administrative faculty and the leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who use learning to unlock economic potential in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Our People

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Helping shape the future generation of leaders in Sub Saharan Africa

If you have a spark of genius within you, we’ll use coaching to help you find it, at the world-class IDM School of Coaching with Myles Downey.

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IDM School of Coaching with Myles Downey

Explore the latest research findings, data and output of our top-calibre community of academics, public and private sector leaders, achievers, thinkers and influencers.

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The most sustainable approach to African capability-building is to partner with leading organisations that are equally committed to unlocking economic potential.

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IDM expertly advises private and public sector clients across Africa, helping them to identify and overcome their most complex problems.

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IDM School of Mentorship